HotNet Versions

Most recent version (v1.1.0; August 25th, 2013):

You can also download previous versions of HotNet:

  • HotNet version 1.0.0 (July 13th, 2012) This new version merges the old HotNet and Generalized HotNet methods, requires a new, cleaner representation for copy number aberrations, and adds a number of new features - see the README.txt in archive above for details.
  • HotNet (ver0.9.1, June 29, 2011): for finding significantly mutated subnetworks using single nucleotide mutations (and indels) and copy number aberrations, (that is, the statistical test performed by HotNet is designed for these types of data).
  • Generalized HotNet (ver0.9.1, June 29, 2011): a general version of HotNet that allows for arbitrary gene scores. (The statistical test is a general test that can be used with any score.)